Sunday, October 28, 2007

The only problem with jackets that are meant to keep you warm in Antarctica is that they are impractical, bulky, and always in the way while indoors. You can't take them in some offices and most buildings tell you to hang them up as soon as you enter the building so it doesn't get in the way.

Usually, this isn't a problem. However, everyone once in a while there is a very large gathering of people where there are hundreds of Antarctica jackets. Most people have the ECW 'Big Red', but a few also choose a different jacket just so they don't blend in as much. Last week at bowling, my friend Ben lost his gloves and hat because he put them in someone else's Big Red.

After the bars, the worst place to be hanging up your jacket is the galley. I can't tell you how many times I lost my jacket in this mess when I first got here and spent over fifteen minutes looking for it. There are three of the closet areas below beside each other so you can hang your jacket up. Someone eventually told me the secret which was to hang your jacket on the same hook every time. The problem with that is that sometimes someone else has your hook.

Jacket closet at meal time. Keep in mind there are hooks at the head and waist level.


  1. why don't you just tie a pink bandanna or something around the sleeve of your big red jacket? :P

  2. i'm with john and his idea, or maybe a yellow soccer sock! something that gives identity to brody's red jacket.