Monday, October 29, 2007

Mail - FYI.

Lots of people have been asking what I want in care packages, so this post is directed at that crowd. For those of you, not sending care packages, get on it :-) just kidding.

Apparently, there is 15,000 lbs of packages in Christchurch, NZ right now. They will stay there as long as it takes to get all the people and cargo down because packages have the lowest priority. So, your lovely packages might get here in two weeks, but then they can sit in New Zealand for quite a while. I've heard they finally make them a priority right before the holidays so that people get a taste of home.

Today, a OAE told me a loop hole. Send large envelopes. Envelopes and very thin boxes can be put in with the mail bag and make it down in two weeks. They don't get delayed at all. Regular letters and postcards also don't get delayed. So, let's say you wanted to send of the purple powdered variety of Oregon Chai. If you take it out of the box and send it in an envelope, I get it sooner. If you send the box, I get it later.

Lots of people have been asking what to send. Here are some guidelines:

  • First up, make sure it can clear New Zealand customs (basically, nothing fresh)
  • As a loose rule, don't send me stuff that is so large I have to worry about toting it back out of here (exceptions can be made).
  • No warm weather gear. I'm warm enough already.
  • Consumables or stuff I can share with others
  • Oregon Chai purple flavor in powdered form
  • Sour Patch Kids. I ran out already. (thanks, lindsay)
  • Jelly bellys......
    Gummy fish/snacks
  • Other favorites you know that I'll miss
  • a real pillow that doesn't have goose feathers to stick me, but not something so nice I wouldnt want to leave it behind
  • fun stuff you come up with!!

No longer needed items:

  • Nature Valley Granola bars - Oat &Honey (green) and Peanut Butter (orange) flavors
  • A reading lamp that I can secure to a bunk bed some how.

A reminder of my contact info if you need it:

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