Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Leftover photos from coming home

These photos are some that just slipped through the cracks. I don't really have anything to post. Being home has been great. Spending time with Sabah has been great. Spending time with a lady as head strong as me has been great. Watching En Sabah Nur play has been great. I love pretending to be in one place.

Since I got back, I really wanted to be in one place. I made it one month in Boulder before going to Ecuador. Then, another month in Boulder. Then two months in Denver before my roommates decided that I was around too much even though I was unemployed. Basically, the engaged couple wanted money from someone, but not a roommate. Oh well. The best part about is that I moved out just before I went on almost 6 weeks of traveling around the USA to Moab, UT and the East Coast. I ended up saving a ton of money.

Now, I'm back in Colorado again and I'm finally running out of stuff to do, stuff to give me a purpose. The new Pitt ultimate webpage has launched. I've thrown out more stuff. I'm ready to work again. I'm ready to have a rhythm again. Of course, I'm also planning a few summer outings.

Sunset over America

Lake Michigan on the left and Chicago at sunset.

O'Hare airport with Christmas decorations.

The plane that would take me back home from Ecuador.