Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Antarctica, the Halloween edition

This past Saturday, we had a Halloween bash. Halloween is generally considered the biggest party of the year. It is also the date that many consider as the last possible date to find a partner to spend the season curled up next to. I've heard that myth about a hundred times down here, but plenty of other people refute it.

They closed the gymnasium up for a day and decorated. I'm pretty impressed with what they came up with considering where we are and how hard it is to get anything down here.

The decorated gymnasium.

People in the know usually bring a costume down with them. I had no idea that Halloween was such a big deal on base, so I had nothing. Luckily, they have an office down here called Gear Issue. Gear Issue hands out guitars, skis, board games, frisbees, and even Halloween costumes. Most of the stuff has been left behind from previous seasons. I ended up as an escapee from a federal penitentiary. Crime? Getting to close to the penguins. It is a federal crime so watch out!

I look good in stripes.

I only lasted at the party for two hours. The first hour was costume judging, the second hour was, in my opinion, your standard college party. Lots of drinking, music that was too loud, no room to walk, lots of dancing, no place to have a quiet conversation, and tons of people trying to hook up or find their mate for the season before the party ended. I lasted an hour in that noise before I ducked out for the quieter coffee house.

The rest of these pictures are just various costumes that people had. I can't believe the creativity that some people came up. Some did plan ahead, but a lot of them just did the best they could when they got down here.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Our own Roller Derby team, the McMurdo Mayhem!

Watch out for all the heavy equipment

Creepy, creepy man.

Maorian, native New Zealander

Costume award winner, Pin Head!

This costume actually fooled me at first. It is two different people.

Amazingly enough, Eric needed yellow socks for his Charlie Brown costume and I had some. Kevin also flew down with us.


Roomates: Ann, Sara, Amanda, and Quinn

Mummies need photographs too.

Evan, I'm not sure what he is.

Mary from Facilities

Jamie from facilities as one of the orange bags we all have to bring down

Mad scientists, or beakers, as they are called down here.

Even the King made an appearance

I believe Dawn knitted the scarf, hat, and socks for her costume.

The good Doctor Harry

Everyone got involved!

Costume judging.


  1. So...did you find a mate, or are you doomed to spend the rest of your antarctic "nights" alone?

  2. Love the costume you really are a prison inmate.
    I sent you a pretty big box with lots of goodies and a lamp and a few books. There are lots of gummy goodies and some Annie's. Can you cook? I will keep in mind the envelope for next time. Like a big envelope or just a letter sized one?

  3. Jen,
    Thanks for sending the goodness along!!!

    I can microwave cook, but that is it down here. You can send an oversized big envelope. I'm not sure how big it can be though.

    I did not find my mate, but I also wasn't looking. I left early because I didn't want to deal with that noise. If you do find your mate and have sex, you do earn your 'ice wings' though. I've seen an ice wings patch.

  4. ice wings--I like it.

    It must be hard to find alone time in a base with 1200 people.