Thursday, October 25, 2007

Discovery Hut

I finally went out on my first real hike around base. It was pretty short, but given the conditions and the company, the distance was right. I'll save the longer hikes for the days that aren't quite as nasty. I'm really looking forward to those around Castle Rock and Armitage.

For a hike around base, it is pretty much the rule to load up with your ECW gear. I had only three layers up top, two on the bottom, and plenty of accessories to keep the rest of me warm too. I only managed to stay warm as long as we were moving which was difficult because I was hiking with a gym rat that was sick and never does cardio.

Discovery Hut is only about 15 minutes from base. It was chosen by Scott because it is the on land off the southernmost navigable water in the world. When we got to the hut, we learned that you unfortunately can't get in with out a guide. However, lucky for me I bartered a guide to head out there with me in the future in exchange for some Oregon Chai. She wanted to buy it off of me, but I told her to be more creative and she came up with the idea of the tour. From Discovery Hut, Scott set out with Sir Ernest Shackleton and one other man to go farther south than anyone else before. This trip laid the foundation for the dislike between these men.

Discovery Hut with McMurdo Station in the background.

Since we were not allowed inside, we took a hike up the ridge near the hut and back around to base. In offered up some great views of base, that I hadn't seen before. It also offered up another close encounter with wildlife.

105 year old dead seal.

After this final view of the base, we headed up the ridge. About half way, a soul that is much braver than me went running by up the ridge. He was moving at a good clip and only had on long johns and a windbreaker. I'll wait a little while longer for it to warm up.

Near Hut Point looking up at the ridge we would hike up.

The highest point of the hike offered the great view of town below. In the middle of the picture are two green buildings. I work in the right one. The really large white and yellow building to its right is where I eat, sleep, shower, etc. The hill in the background is Observation Hill. The pass to its left leads to Scott Base, the Kiwi base.

By the way, for those who were curious Kiwi paraphernalia includes any well made tourist stuff you can think of with the logo of Scott base on it. They had t-shirts, spoons, hoodies, patches stickers, stuff animals, underwear, books, calendars, memo papers, bottle openers, and even more stuff that I can't remember!! They also had some stuff to support the people who live there like toothbrush, shampoo, etc.

The hole in the ground in the front right of the picture is the ice pier. Apparently, we get a huge ship to come in once a year to deliver cargo. This is how we get pretty much all of our supplies from cars to print cartridges.

Home. McMurdo Station.


  1. Have you ever read "On the Road"?

  2. I have read Jack Kerouack's 'On the Road.' I enjoyed it, but didn't love it so much that I fell in love it with the friend who gave it to me.

    Why do you ask?

  3. hmmm now I have to think, Saw something that was rather inconjunction with the book.