Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moab, UT

Sunrise on the flatirons in Boulder, CO. This was the view on Sabah and mine morning walk everyday . . .

Unless there was fresh snow on the flatirons in Boulder, CO

This is really a post to just share some photos. The first couple are from when I was living in Boulder. The next set are from Moab. I have been there as a hiker, but never as a mountain biker. It is a mountain biking mecca. Before I went, I had heard a lot about two trails: Slickrock and Porcupine Rim.

Moab sunset from our first campsite.

Sabah is basking in the morning light.

A view from Slickrock trail.

The Slickrock trail is basically petrified sand dunes.

Sabah tries to cool off after chasing a rabbit for a half mile.

The first ride we did was Slickrock. It is basically petrified sand dunes. There is no dust to spin out on. There aren't very many technical rocky sections. If you struggle or have to get off the bike, it will be because you are going up some huge hills. I loved this ride. It was a 10-12 mile lollipop. It ended up taking quite a while. Sabah decided to tucker herself out early by sprinting after a bunny for a half a mile. Then, on the way back we were battling the wind. Note for later: The trail surface is basically sandpaper on dog's feet. Sabah didn't know it, but she should have been really happy to have her doggy shoes.

The other trail that we did was Porcupine Rim. The top part of the trail is why I think this trail is famous. You are 5-10 feet from a ledge that drops hundreds of feet straight down. Also, the view is incredible. After the top part, it was fire road and a lot of fun, dusty single track. Ignoring the view, I thought it was pretty similar to a lot of Colorado rides. At the end of the ride, you descend back to the road. However, the view is amazing as you get you closer and closer to the Colorado River. Great stuff. Fun pictures.

The view from Porcupine Ridge trail.

A view of the Colorado River from Porcupine Rim trail.

A technical section on Porcupine Rim.