Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New digits, YO!

The reason my phone line went down?

As a bunch of you know, my old work number died. The new numbers are 720-568-1314 and 800-688-8606 x41314. That is my work phone and I'm currently 8 hours behind EST, but a day ahead. Their evening equals my work day.

Coming home

Slide from our last All-Hands meeting last week.

That announcement brings me a good bit of excitement and frustration. On one hand, I might be able to go to John Bain and Cecilia's wedding and that excites me to no end. If I do that, I also get to go to Cirque with my sister, playing ultimate in the fall series, play ultimate with good friends in rec leagues, and see Erik at the Great Beer Fest in Denver. Lots of good things will happen and that is great. I'll also won't get to travel, but you can't have it all.

On the other hand, that announcement frustrates me. As a lot of you know, I don't like flip-flopping decisions and I prefer certainty so I can make plans. Now, I just get to sit, wait, and wonder. Oh well. This is the way it is.

This week is a storm week. The temperature is warm, but the wind is howling. No stars. Not even footprints from an hour ago. No stars. No moon. No hills around town, just a dense looking fog, that is really blowing snow.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Long live Keens!

Keen's Newport water sandal

As anyone who has spent time with me over the past couple years can tell you, I love my Keens. I wear them almost every day. I thought for sure that the temperatures of Antarctica would put an end to that. It hasn't. Today, it is pretty warm at 3 F and I was shoveling snow for a while, but the Keens (with a thick pair of socks) got the job done. The only time I don't wear them is when I know I'll be outside for a long time.

Fire extinguishing class in my Keens! (check the inset below)


When I first posted about my fire extinguisher class, I didn't think there were any pictures of me because I didn't see anyone taking pictures. However, in the weekly base review I saw this picture and recognized the footwear on the middle person as Keens. It had to be mine. Who knew that Keens could firefighting and cold weather footwear. Keen should be hiring me as a product marketer or at the very least a tester for taking their footwear to the extremes.

My weekend was a quiet one. I played Settlers of Catan (and was a point from winning), danced at a Future Fantasy party, talked on instant messenger, called Botswana, ate brunch, read, watched the Penguins lose a close game, watched The Holiday (not great), napped, and finally slept. It was good day for an unproductive one. Maybe being unproductive (i.e. restful) is productive though. All depends on your definition. Either way, I don't feel as mentally fried as I did last week. It should be a good week.