Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Day in New Zealand

Begonia at the Botanical Gardens.

When I went to the Ice this year, I wanted to travel big when I left. However, I ended up staying in Christchurch, New Zealand to train for ultimate instead. I have no regrets. I trained to play in my first worlds (this coming July in Prague) and New Zealand was brilliant. I've even entertained the idea of moving there. I'm not sure why, but it feels like home in many ways now. When I returned to the USA, I had trouble driving on the right side of the road, but never had that trouble when I started living in New Zealand.

Begonia variety at the Botanical Gardens.

Mova Vale.

I spent my last day in New Zealand trying to get everything packed up. I was trying to find boxes, and deciding just how much stuff I'd need. It is amazing how much stuff I had down there. On the other hand, it is amazing how little stuff I lived with for over six months. I have a hunch that I have another purge coming when I finally unpack all of my stuff in Colorado again. I'm not sure when that will be, probably the fall.

I think my favorite part of my last day was probably biking around town returning stuff. I could have taken the car. I could have had my roommates take care of it, but I biked. I loved it. It let me wander through my favorite areas. It let me head through the Botanical Gardens and Mona Vale one last time. I can't wait to be home to get on my bike again. It brings me so much joy to transport myself from atop a bicycle seat instead of a driver's seat. It is going to have to be part of my daily life. I even have a bike trailer to start seeing if Sabah will ride in there alright. However, I'm still hoping to get her balanced in a breadbox over the back tire.

I don't think this blog is about leaving New Zealand at all now that I'm about to publish it. It is about returning home. While I was enjoying my time back in New Zealand, when the last week came I was eager to get back to see Sabah, watch En Sabah Nur play, and answer a question or two waiting for me in Colorado. It was difficult to focus on the coming adventures because I had such a glow about getting home. I think I had perma-smile for over a week on my way home. I'll still miss New Zealand though. I'm not sure when I'll be back yet.

Rose at Mona Vale.