Monday, June 13, 2011

Antarctica videos

Some random Antarctica videos from the past many months. I like the first one because it features people I worked with and maybe places I've been. It definitely features more places I'd love to go. The second video is of someone putting on all of their ECW gear to wear on the flight down. I think watching someone put it on is more educational than the lists I would always make before.

Dry Valleys, Antarctica.

Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colorado in the Winter

Zeppelin is so excited about tearing up Sabah's football at my Boulder place.

Sabah is proud of tearing up her zebra.

Colorado was interesting this winter. I have lost my passion for snowboarding. I used to be willing to go up all the time solo, but now I don't want to waste the gas. I'll happily carpool, but great snow won't even get me to go up solo. I think I am little over the resorts. Some are charging to park. Vail is charging $20. You can almost always get free parking with a shuttle ride or if you are clever, but I don't like it. A-Basin has walk to free parking. Copper has a short shuttle ride. Breck has a long one. Keystone is walkable and free. I think Winter Park is still free.

To get the passion back, I think I might start skiing again. Someone else suggested renting a place in the mountains so I would not have to drive back and forth. Maybe next season, I'll try both of those out. Snowshoeing and hiking have not lost its appeal, but the drive up the mountains is never fun. It always comes back to the drive.

In a few years, I'm going to have a hard time telling people what I did this winter. I redesigned the Sabah webpage. I sorted photos. I got back in tough with friends. I think the biggest thing I did was sort and get back in touch with myself. After being in a state of flux for so long, I needed it. I'm actually still in flux, but getting closer to nailing that down all the time.

Rocky Mountain high!

Sabah while snoeshoeing.

Zeppelin on a hike.

Peru Gulch, Colorado.

Sabah gets buried in the snow.

Sabah escapes from the snow.

Karen also get buried in the snow. I'm not sure if she got out.