Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fall - St Marys

Time to retire another pair of Keens.
Lots of posts from forever ago to add up here. The Fall of 2011. I went from no jobs to two jobs. I had one at Allonhill in downtown Denver as a PHP/SQL/JS programmer. Luckily, we only had to program for Firefox. I will never be able to be a web programmer. Ugh. The other job was one day a week in Boulder creating a control panel to manage online surveys.
It was a pretty quick transition from no jobs to two jobs. I through in a little ultimate and suddenly had no time. It was weird. Getting a paycheck again was good though.  The ultimate was interesting. I was playing with a great group of guys on a new Master's team. I had not planned to play, but they suckered me in.  We ended up not finishing that well, but I did enjoy. It also made me miss the pursuit of excellence in high level ultimate when people can truly commit.

Sabah emerges from the bushes the sporting park she isn't allowed at.
What is left of St. Mary's no longer a Glacier
The lake at St. Mary's Glacier.
More of the Lake.
Even more lake.
Sabah glam shots.
Running wild on the glacier.

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