Sunday, November 11, 2012


Sabah in the 'champagne powder' of Steamboat Springs.

Okay, with this post out the door, I am less than a year behind. For some reason, I uploaded photos but nothing else. Letting the blog go is fine. Uploading photos and not posting is .. weird. I think I was just overwhelmed by the two jobs thing and 50-60 hours of work a week.

Kin-Ling and I bought season ski passes for Copper, Winter Park, and Steamboat. The snow was terrible last year. We went to Copper and snowboarded once. We went to Steamboat Springs twice for long weekends and did not snowboard at all. The first time, there was only snow on the trails, not on the mountain. The second time, I don't remember. I do remember there was great snow on Rabbit Ears Pass on the way into Steamboat.  We just went back there to snowshoe instead.

Over New Year's weekend, our friends Annie and Jeason joined us. Somehow they avoided photographic evidence, but they were there.  It was great to have them along too. I was just getting ready for my ultra marathons and both of them are a lot more experienced runners. We went on a 15 mile run up the valley to the Strawberry Hot Springs. It was getting cold when we arrived and hopping into the hot springs was the perfect way to end the long run. Luckily, Kin-Ling drove up and was able to give us a ride back the down the mountain. It would have been a very very cold ride. I think when we got back down, we used our noses to pick an Italian place to eat our NYE dinner at. Amazing and wonderful and with a full bellies, I think we all struggled to see the ball drop. We might not have even seen it, actually, maybe we did for the East coast.  Moving on .....

Kin-Ling helping Sabah create her own snow dog angel.
Sabah's snow angel.
Romping in the snow.
She actually found the snowball we through for her. It was amazing.
New Year's torch parade down Steamboat ski mountain.
Sabah wants a treat?
The Rabbit Ears of Rabbit Ears Pass on the way into Steamboat Springs, CO.
Sleeping beauties.

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