Sunday, November 04, 2012

Burla Beach Cup, Torre del Lago Puccini / Viareggio, Italy

The Florence train station.

I can't believe I have photos loaded on my blog from over a year ago that have not been touched. Amazing. I am way too busy.  About 14 months ago, a Pitt alumni was putting together a team of Pitt players to play at a beach tournament in Italy.  I went. We played. We were undefeated. It was great to play with the current crop of players even if it made me realize just how far from the top of my game that I am. Those kids can move.

Before and after the tournament, I had a day or two to use up in Florence and Italy. Florence was still just as good as it was in 1995 when I went there to play soccer. Love it. Yeah for gelato!

The train.

Alexander of 'Alexander & the Greats'
Gerrit, our allstar pick up from Belgium
Tyler D, definitely one of the Greats.
Alexander & The Greats team photo
B Funk, gets very very big.
Ari toes the line!
Ari is . . . .
Local market.
Main street.
A different idea of curb side recycling.
Riding the train.
Pisa, Italy.
The Baptistry of the Cathedral of Pis
The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Ari relaxing in Pisa.
Il Duomo
The other Duomo, in Florence, Italy.
The Palazzo Vecchio, Florence's City Hall
A lion in Piazza della Signoria
The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), built in 1345, was Florence's first bridge across the Arno River and is the only surviving bridge from Florence's medieval days
I took this photo since I had been playing ultimate all weekend with T DeGirolamo.
Piazza della Repubblica

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