Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inch by Inch, Degree by Degree, Gonna Make This Horizon Glow

June 30th, 2:00pm looking north from Arrival Heights.

Two points for anyone who can name the song that the title of this blog is borrowing from. I'm giving the edge to my brother Tait who introduced me to the song over a decade ago, though I think he has only ever left one or two comments so you might be able to beat him.

July 14th, 1:30pm looking north at Mt. Erebus and Castle Rock from Second Crater.

The sun is predicted to rise at 12:10pm on August 19th. That is just one month away. I'm excited and that excitement is reinforced when I look at this series of pictures. You can tell that it is getting brighter on the horizon with each passing day. I believe we are 15 minutes closer to sunrise every day.

July 17th, 12:30pm looking north from Hut Point.

I can't even describe the feelings that I go through when I see the light on the horizon. We currently have a full moon in town so I wasn't sure if the light was from the moon or the sun. However yesterday, I noticed a red glow on some ice and I knew for sure that it was the indirect sunlight from the horizon. I got giddy. Sometimes, I get sad when I think that the beautiful night time skies are coming to a close. Other times, I just feel relieved that I have almost survived the long night. It's neat to be appreciating something (the sun) that I've taken for granted for so long in my life (even though I used to live in Pittsburgh which has so many cloudy days). I guess I was always happy for a sunny day, but it is a different appreciation when you haven't seen the sun in three months.

July 17th, 12:30pm looking north from Roll Cage Mary.

We lost power this morning because an engine dropped off at the power plant. It was only off for a minute or two, but I am constantly amazed at how beautiful this place is when you turn off the blinding street lights so we can appreciate the nature around us. I think we should turn off all the street lights in an effort to conserve energy.

July 17th, 12:30pm Look SSE from Roll Cage Mary.


  1. How about Chris Thile? Like the photos!! Interesting that there is a greenhouse down there!!!

  2. I'm not sure the title, but the melody and the original words are now in my head, "Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow."

    We're thinking of you. I can't believe you've been without the sun for so long. Fun as it would be to come straight back to Colorado, i think you should go enjoy a little southern hemisphere summer before you do!
    Take care, Brody.
    Sarah Aerni

  3. i'm counting down with you! :-)

  4. "gonna watch it deep and low, gonna make it fertile ground..." I think I sang this at Bible camp!

  5. may i suggest that every day we are not 15 minutes, but one day closer to sunrise?

    and may i point out that there is one more vote here, too!

  6. Mom,
    When I was introduced to the song, Chris Thile did not sing it. If it was his originally, I blame Tait :-)

    Sarah and Keri,
    That is the right song.

    You are right. I am toasty and not using my words well. Maybe I should have said we gain fifteen minutes of horizon light per day.

  7. The song is called "The Garden Song" and Will knows it from "Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger - Precious Friend" .. an album I used to have on cassette that I listened to quite a bit. To be fair, it's quite an infectious song, and having not heard it in almost 10 years, I could probably still recite most of the chorus (which is what he stole the subject from). Not the version he knows(or even the same lyrics - close though), but an example