Monday, July 14, 2008

Cold food storage

Boxes and boxes of frozen food.

These boxes of food are inside our huge cold storage warehouse. We have a number of buildings that are left unheated naturally, but I believe this one also has refrigeration in the summer in case things get too warm. You can't expect to serve up expired meats and cheeses if they have been flirting with thawing out.

Since we only get one major food shipment annually, there is enough cold food in this building for the entire year. That is a big to go order. Over the year, it will feed approximately 200 people for six months in the winter and then 1000 people for six months in the summer. I think there are at least three other warehouses for food on base. The heated one for liquids is in the same building that I am. A beverage warehouse is next door below the electrical supply and there should also be an unheated one for things that can thaw and freeze safely.

Random updates:
The Medivac is officially off.

The wind hit 133mph at Arrival Heights this week. Town only went to condition 2 again. We seem to get stuck at condition 2 every storm which is frustrating a number of people down here. We have an unofficial pool to guess the date of the first condition 1 in town over the winter. A number have been close, but no winners yet.

The weather is fine in town, but a few people are still stuck out at Black Island. They went out to work on a few things on the new satellite system that increased our Internet bandwidth this summer. I believe it isn't working in the extreme cold (< -30F). It may be losing sensitivity to the frequency we currently use. I think they are going to first try a different frequency and if that doesn't work, just heat the building. I'm not too sure about anything, but them being out there.

I'm scheduled to leave October 15th. I might return to my full time in Colorado when my extended leave of absence (thanks, Craig!) is up on November 10th. That would take me back to a number of people I love and give me the opportunity to rediscover my ice cream and cookie monster ways! My other option is to travel the world for an extended period. No decision yet.

Rows of boxes and boxes of food.


  1. William,
    As relates your dilemma on what to do when you leave......... I would suggest that maybe you could include a brief visit with loved ones before continuing on for some World travel. I have found that travel has become increasingly difficult as the years pass. Given the chance GO !
    John K. Endrizzi

  2. i second what mr. endrizzi said. go go go! i'll just live vicariously through you...

  3. go directly to world travel, do not pass home.

  4. John,
    I do like the idea of visiting loved ones before I go. However, the Antarctic Program flies us to New Zealand. From there, we can take the ticket they buy us to fly home or cash it in for a different ticket.

    I feel like it would be silly to not explore New Zealand while I am there and then also start my travels from there getting closer and closer to home.