Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Different Kind of Lazy Sunday.

Kicking back in the greenhouse.

As my time here has worn on, I have become more worn out. Sometimes, I think the best way to recharge my batteries is to go hike. Other times, I do nothing. My Sundays have usually been dedicated to nothing. This Sunday, I got sick of doing nothing in my room (two movies and lots of reading), so I decided to change it up.

Tomatoes on the vine.

The Fun house or the Greenhouse?

I braved miserable condition two weather to head up to the greenhouse. I actually couldn't find the greenhouse at first. When I finally found it, it was an oasis of light and warmth. It was wonderful. Over the summer, I headed up to the greenhouse a few times, but I just haven't made it up over the winter much. It is probably the best place to have a phone conversation on station because no one is usually up there after work hours and it the greenery gives it a great energy.

Tomatoes and flowers.


Most of these pictures didn't come out right. The lighting causes them to turn out yellow. I need to figure out my white balance and how to adjust it in photoshop. I also need to find a computer with photoshop. I should have brought my copy down. So much to learn. Such is life. This is what you get for now. (EDIT: B-Nelson edited some of these photos for me so they are better than in the original post).

ET searches for Yoda on Dagobah.

The greenhouse is a good place. Too bad these photos just don't do it justice. Back home, I don't even know if this would be an attractive greenhouse to me. I am normally drawn to flower gardens over vegetable gardens. Antarctica is simply so devoid of color and life that the greenhouse stands in such stark contrast to it. That contrast draws me in.

Happy Me.


  1. Sweet hoodie, Brody.

  2. Good eye, my friend!

    I wonder how many people would pick that out. You should see that hoodie. It is barely hanging on.

  3. :-) i wouldn't have figured you for a flower garden over a vegetable garden. lol but now that you said it, it makes sense. flowers give our senses a refreshing feeling.

    as a foodie, i cannot help but fall in love with vegetable gardens. :-) especially when i can watch my veggies grow grow grow!

  4. are you in a hammock? Lucky...

  5. I was in a hammock. Unfortunately, I'm writing this comment from a computer desk :-(