Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Which ever way the wind blows . . .

Where did the big hill (Ob Hill) go?

Yikes!! Which ever way the wind blows, it is blowing hard.

"Be advised that our local McMurdo weather conditions are going in and out of Condition 1. It is not quite enough to call condition 1 but that could happen any time. Do limit your local travel. Observe the conditions in your location and if visibility is less then 100 ft stay put. Travel should be just what is absolutely necessary. " - E-mail from one of our station managers. Quick review of what Condition 1 means here.

Just across the street is the MCC where we say goodbye to everyone when they leave.

I got that e-mail after I'd be walking around all morning. It has been crazy windy all day and difficult to see. You could see close distances as long as your eyes weren't shut or watering from all the wind, snow, or dust blowing at them. If you could see fine, then the wind was still pushing you around and when I was walking into the wind I even had trouble breathing through my mouth. I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do with the pressure caused from the wind blowing. (Has anyone else experienced this? I described it to someone here and they didn't know what I was talking about.) I just had to turn my head around to get a breath. The snow you see might not even be falling snow. It is possible that it is just blowing snow that fell over the past couple days.

Our recycling dumpsters and dorms veiled in the blowing snow.

This weather is safe as long as nothing goes wrong, but you wouldn't want to have an accident on a day like today and get caught somewhere. One person was making sure their co-worker had an escort because they were working at a building at the far end of town. I'm not sure the pictures really do the weather justice, but they are all I have.

Welcome to winter weather. Some days it will be worse. Some days it will be better. It will always be Antarctica.


  1. it's about 60 and really sunny where I am.

  2. Laugh it up, fuzzball :-)

    When you head home, MA is going to seem twice as cold :-)

  3. Hi Brody, I discovered your site through Homeless Heidi and have been enjoying the pics of McMurdo. I spent many a season at Mac Town throughout the years and wintered in 1990, so imagine my pleasure when I saw our winter over signs still in the Carp Shop! The Carp Shop was the place to take your break back in the day. I have many fond memories of the carpenters telling people to get their butts off the table saws... I hope you're enjoying your winter.
    Take care, Judy Spanberger