Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ice Carpenters . . .

Ice carpenters should use ice hammers.

Before I came here, I never thought about the logistics of what it takes to support science and a base in Antarctica. I thought they might have a few carpenters to build stuff, but we don't have a few. We have a ton. Maybe 30(?) during the summer and they are fortunate enough to travel all over the continent. They go to every field site to help set it up before the grantees get there and then go out to break it down. GREAT job to see the continent. There may only be one or two other jobs that allow you to see more and you don't need to be an expert in carpentry because you can come down as a helper or an apprentice.

Perhaps the only requirement is to have a brain?

The carps are supposed to a great group. Based on the carp helper I knew the best, who I hope is reading this, I'm not sure how much they actually do. They have great parties, BBQs, build new games to play, and hang out after work. At Icestock, they run a hard coffee house, Sawbucks, to help keep people warm. Good folk and yes, they actually do work hard. This one carp helper though, I'm not so sure. Just kidding, Betty.

Sawbucks coffee house - once a year only at Ice Stock.

Nagel block (?) game: use an adz to hit to a nail into the wood. Safety goggles required.


Home made ping pong table.

One of my favorite things about the carp shop was the decorations. They had fun things all over the place. Some of the biggest ones were mounted high on the walls or on the ceiling.


More decorations.

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