Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Which ever way the wind blows . . . (part 2)

Two posts ago, I put up a few pictures from Condition 2, borderline Condition 1, weather. When I left work that evening, the weather had blown itself out and it was gorgeous. I don't think it warmed up, but it felt like it because there was less of a wind chill. To put in perspective, I wanted to post some more pictures from that evening. This first is taken from the same spot that the picture labeled "Where did the big hill (Ob Hill) go?" was taken from two posts ago.

We found the base of the hill!

This is probably the first night that I've seen a real sunset. The other nights it was too late or I was feeling sick so I wanted to get to bed early. Either way, it was wonderful to see. I caught this on my way home after working in medical until 9:30pm. I was in medical helping them e-mail x-rays and pictures of an injury back to the states for review. Unfortunately, seeing this sunset and working in medical kept me from going to great party at the BFC. I just got distracted and forgot. What a surprise. It's been the story of my winter so far.

Telephones poles, telephone poles, everywhere, almost pretty in a sunset stare.

These last two pictures were taken FROM MY ROOM!! Have I mentioned how much I like my new room today? If not, I do. It's a single. It's almost really cozy. It has room for me to unpack the mountains of fabulous things that so many of you sent down (Thank you!). It has a great view to watch the sunset each night. This is just two pictures through the window pane last night. I could have opened the window, but I'm hoping to just share what I was looking at.

Sunset over the power plants and the Royal Society Range.

More sunset. This picture includes a box that Betty built in the bottom right corner that she was worried might have blown away due to poor workmanship.

I've started to talk to a bunch of you on the phone. It's great. I love it! Keep 'em coming and I'll be calling back too if you don't reach me. (Only the 800 number has voice mail on it.) It is so great to hear that you are doing well even if you happen to be falling asleep while we chat because I can hear things in your voice that don't carry through in an e-mail.

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