Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Zealand Ultimate Nationals

Our captain, Mike.

My roommate, Hannan.

A couple weeks ago, New Zealand held their men's and women's nationals in Christchurch. There were 6-7 men's teams. Auckland was the perennial giant. They are also New Zealand's men's team at Worlds. My team, Christchurch, and Wellington were hoping to knock them off. We didn't. They were the best team, but we were close. We beat Wellington in a close semifinal to advance to the finals. We were keeping it close in the first half, but in the second they pulled away to win it 14-11. We finished second, which I think was an improvement from last year.

It was great to play with my male world's teammates. I wish I was getting to play with the women more, but that is what the practices are for. Now that nationals is done though, it is time to really focus on Worlds. I'm super excited. Unfortunately, I'm also super broken. My thumb ligament damage will take two months to heal and my hamstring should take about a month. I'm not a fan but it is also a traveling month so better now than later. So it goes. I wonder how many activities can I figure out to do that don't use my hamstring (calf raises, toe jumps, sit ups).

Our intensity, Goose.

How to get the D and break a hamstring, me.

All photos are by Neal.

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