Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15 Seconds of Fame (in New Zealand)!

Two Fridays before I left New Zealand, a serendipitous thing happened. I went to town to meet Kish and Deneen. I didn't know they were still in New Zealand and I was super excited to see them. I was supposed to meet them at Dmitri's and found Rose and Tyler on the way. We all met up and hummed and hawed about what to do since Dmitri's was closed. I offered my place up for cooking because Ice people seem to enjoy it and I figured Kish and Deneen would need a place to stay.

Rose and Tyler went their own way. Kish and Deneen joined me. Deneen even cut a car off to make a light, which was surprising. She doesn't drive like that normally. When we pulled into the driveway, I ambled out of the car. When I opened the door, Hannan lazily waved me over but said nothing. After slowly setting my stuff down, I turned the corner to see me and my royal blue hoodie getting out of the orange giant that is Ivan the Terra Bus on TV. Soon after that, we saw Kish leading a Kiwi runner on the course. Channel 1 News was showing a 2 minute clip of the Antarctic Marathon three months after the event! I have no idea why they showed it, but if we had gotten home any sooner we might have been watching a movie. Any later, and it would have been gone.

Here is the clip (Reference: -5C is 23F):

Thanks to my brother for acquiring the clip.


  1. I love that the penguins are competing too!

  2. yay, you're famous now. and i second what jennifer said. :-)