Monday, January 04, 2010

"Never Better"

My ultimate cleat.

I made a miraculous discovery on my cleats today.


I don't mean marijuana. I mean good old fashioned, lay in and get itchy, grass. One of the first people I showed it to did not understand why I was excited. They have only been here a few weeks. However, everyone who I showed it to, who arrived with me at mainbody or earlier at Winfly, was immediately taken with it. None of us have seen any non-food plant life since we left Christchurch. To see something that is quickly becoming just a memory is exciting. One person even asked if they could touch it.

Now that they closed the greenhouse, there is no virtually no living plant life here, just a few algae and mosses. However, those are rare and hard to even see. They just don't compare to plants. I can't find the words to explain it. Try to imagine what deprivation it would take to make something so common place be exciting again. If people find common pests, like slugs and spiders, in the galley while prepping the fresh fruits and vegetables, they sometimes take them home as pets! One of my friends received pressed and dried leaves for Christmas. She was lit up for a week.

The feeling loosely reminds me of a brilliant man down here who lived in the Eastern Bloc under Soviet control. I don't know his full story, but I've heard it alluded to that he was in a mining work camp for a decade. Ask him how he is and he will always answer 'Never better.'

Mt. Discovery in October.


  1. I've been reading your blog for the last few weeks and have been thinking about applying for an IT job for next summer on The Ice. What kind of skills/experience is the USAP looking for?

  2. Depends on what job you want:

    For a Computer Technician (pulled from past job req.):

    ·desktop hardware support
    ·user software support
    ·customer service
    ·install and maintain computers
    ·work order tracking system
    ·Imaging experience
    ·wireless configurations
    ·running around for SAs and NEs
    ·warranty returns
    ·lifecycle replacement tasking
    ·Accurate inventoring
    ·High School diploma or equivalent
    ·A minimum of two years experience in computer systems installation, maintenance and support in a corporate environment (all reasonable and related trade experience is acceptable)
    ·Intermediate knowledge of Windows operating systems & applications
    ·AA degree in a technical discipline
    ·Experience supporting remote network access, wireless access configurations, disk imaging and encryption
    ·MAC and Linux knowledge
    ·Current Years of Experience 2-4

  3. the biggest thing I think they look for is personality, but they can't write that on a resume. Lots of people say they didn't get jobs until they went to the job fair....march 1st is when the jobs will be posted for next year. apply early.

  4. personality you've got mister! albeit dry humour is hardly identified as "personality" but it's appreciated by some. :-)

    grass. hahaha that's too cute. :-)

  5. Thanks! I have "March 1st" burned into memory, as I am really looking forward to applying. From what I understand, they are no longer doing job fairs. So I'll just have to wow them with my resume and phone interview (assuming I get one!)