Friday, January 01, 2010


Going. (All photos by J. Heil)

Last year, B-63 building was condemned. This year, they are tearing it down. With it, we have lost our bowling alley, weight gym, kiln, craft room, and climbing cave. They were able to relocate the weight gym last year. The craft room finally found a new home this year. The bowling alley is in storage in hopes that we'll use it again one day. The climbing cave is probably gone for good which is a bummer because you could go in solo, but at least we still have a climbing wall. The kiln is still looking for a new home.


I wish that I had an extra camera to set up for a time lapse of the deconstruction of this building. It is definitely a piece of history disappearing. I believe the bowling alley was the last one with a manually operated pin setting machine or maybe it was just the last of a type of manual pin setter. I know we have a few other condemned buildings that are also coming down. I'm curious how different this place will look in ten years as more buildings go up, come down, and a new contractor takes over.

(almost) gone.


  1. so where does all of the scrap go? do they haul it out when they fly in supplies?

  2. McMurdo is located at the southern most harbor in the world. Once a year, we have a major cargo vessel come in with our supplies for the year. A second vessel brings all of our fuel. That cargo vessel that brings our supplies also takes out our scrap, retro, and waste.

    Vessel info:

  3. this will affect your past time activities. bummers. bowling matches are awesome.