Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dealing with FNGs

Over the winter we had an international film festival held by Antz Powell. Stations from all over Antarctica submitted their films. Each submission had to be created in 48 hours and contain a few required items like a cardboard box, a FNG (f'n new guy), and a line about not getting the day off for Midwinter's Eve. I think my two favorite films were done by the same person, Dave B. I'm not sure if they were my favorite when I watched them, but they are definitely my favorite now while I participate in the social experiment that is winterovers interacting with new people.

Dave B's The Welcome.

Dave B's Winter Toast.

It has been a roller coast ride since August 1st. That is when my work load really started picking up again. I had to get a bunch of things ready for the new people. However, so did everyone on base so their computer usage went up which led to more things breaking and more for me to fix. Throw in staying up way too late to say goodbye to old friends and I was getting pretty exhausted.

Over the winter, I was one of a few people to be in a building by themselves. I mostly enjoyed it which might be indicative of some problems with me (just kidding, well mostly). Despite any reservations that I had about having other people working in my shop again, it has been great. I have people to talk to and bounce ideas off of. The returning guys were able to jump right in where they left off. They immediately shifted some of the workload off of my back and while I didn't feel a slow day for the first couple weeks, I've finally had a few and just in time. I'm tired. I'm excited about the new people, but if I don't take care of myself I just can't enjoy them. I think I need a few more naps.