Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Hut Point hike

Mt. Discovery

On Saturday, I was hoping to go for a lunch time hike so I went to get my gear and on the way, I saw a bunch of people just staring across the sea and into the distance. The horizon looked wonderful, but there was something different about it. For the first time since the sun went down, you could see the Royal Society Range across the sea lit up by the horizon light. The light had been catching Mt. Discovery for a few days, but the whole range was something new. Oddly enough, as I am going back through my pictures I don't have any of the range.

Tent and Inaccessible Islands under nacreous clouds, I think.

I'm curious if all these posts about the horizon, the sun, and our reaction to it are getting old. I feel like I'm posting about it a lot, but I'd lying if I didn't say it strikes us every day as beautiful. Many of us are looking forward to and thinking about it all the time. Missing it has defined this experience for some of us. Every time, I see the horizon lit up at the point, I get as excited as a kid going to the carnival. This day was particularly cool because the mountains were lit up and the horizon was a great orange, but you couldn't see the brightest spot until you got to the tip of the point.

Hut Point lit up by the horizon light.

I think this might have been the first day that I felt like it was daytime out. The light kicking up over the Discovery Ridge was more white than not. I even overheard someone joking at lunch that they didn't know what all the blue stuff in the sky was and that they were scared. The end is coming and as excited as I am to keep seeing the night, I'm ready for the day.

Inaccessible Island under some great colors, maybe nacreous clouds.


  1. These pictures are so beautiful!
    I just wanted to say hi - I am Brody from The Cat Realm, I was a souvenir form Karl and Ruis Antarctica cruise and they named me after you!

  2. :-) these pictures just make me smile. :-) :-) :-) good job brody!