Monday, July 28, 2008

More pictures

Just after I got back from the A-Frame

It's a slow day at work so far which is a good thing. I managed to put a good crick in my neck while doing some strength training on Monday morning. I can barely turn my head to the left or right. I'm not a fan. It should heal up in a few days though. I think I just strained a muscle.

Anyway, these are two fun pictures that I didn't put up from last week. The first one is from Chandler driving up the transition road that I hated so much after running it during the Turkey Trot race. The second picture I really liked because the sky was really dark, but these bright nacreous clouds were floating by breaking up the darkness. They were amazing. I think they might be the same clouds from my tucker ride, but different colors because I was seeing them later in the day.

Nacreous clouds just after I got back from my tucker ride.

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