Friday, May 23, 2008

On the trail again

The Antarctic Yeti? (Photo by T. Morrison)

At last, work is slowing down. At last, my ankle is healing up. At last, I am on the trail hiking again. At last, our search continues and we are on the trail of the great Antarctic Yeti again.

This past Sunday, I went on my first recreational outing in over two months, a short mile and a half hike to Hut Point. We were only out for an hour, but it did so much for my spirits. I wouldn't say I was down, but I'm definitely more up now. For the past couple months, I could have been living any where that was cold. I was just moving between buildings. Getting out for a hike reminded me where I am and how beautiful this place really is.

One scientist's documented search for the Yeti as shown at the 2008 McMurdo Film Festival (Video by B. Jirsa)

I've only been to Hut Point and around the Ob Hill loop so far, but I don't think it will be too long until I'm rounding Castle Rock again too. I'm so excited. On my short hike around Ob Hill, I was fortunate enough to see auroras again. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the memory card and battery (that I found in the jacket I was wearing) to take any pictures. I'll just try to use telepathy to show you what it looked like. A green arc that stretched from Hut Point over to the Kiwi base. It looked white at first so we thought it was just clouds, but it started to move and changed color as it intensified. Great stuff and there is more coming. -28F last I checked.

Hut Point at night (photo by W. Tinus)

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  1. That is a great shot from the point. I ran across a site once about bigfoot sightings. If I find it I'll share it with you, it was very amusing.