Friday, May 23, 2008

Home and Good Energy.

My living room!

For some reason, I've had a real good energy coming my way the past two days while in or approaching my room. That might be because my room is fabulous, but I think it has to do more with outside factors. I suspect it is the amount of physical activity I'm doing combined with not feeling behind at work. I'm getting excited about Antarctica again (yes, that also means I'm hiking again).

My bedroom.

The first good vibrations I felt were unfortunately not from someone sending me love from home via my pager. They were felt while sitting in the farthest chair away in this picture. I had just wrapped up an hour of Ashtanga Yoga followed by a hour of bowling. I put up a not so dominant 156 and my team ended up losing, but someone said my technique was as smooth as Orel Hershiser's swing. That has to count for something. Anyway, I got home and cooked some Thai peanut noodles in a box that I think my sister sent down. I put on Adam Sandler's Click and ate 'to go' food out of a box. It felt just like a night back in Colorado where I'd played ultimate late or been out playing with friends and was just trying to scarf a quick dinner before bed. I really liked it. You could argue I'm not here to experience Colorado things and that is true, but it was still nice to feel a taste of home. It's a good place that I miss and look forward to returning to.

My kitchen and sink area.

The second time I felt good energy was while I was on my way home tonight. Talie, unfortunately, had to bail on me for a hike so I was just going home to kill some time until my old roommates birthday party. It is hard to describe, but a wave of joy came over me on the walk. Maybe I was feeling love, maybe I was just excited to be here again. It is hard to say, but it was a good pure feeling that I haven't felt enough since I sprained my ankle. I'm smiling just thinking about it, but that could also be the music from Pam's home music library that I'm enjoying while I write this. Pam, it does work in my stereo.

The home entertainment system (books and video).

Finally, I'd like to dedicate this post to my brother Tait and sister Jen. They sprung for a great tripod for me for Christmas. It was working great for some tasks, but I had been a little frustrated because I didn't think it was tall enough for outside work here (kneeling or laying down on the ground here makes you cold in a hurry). Tonight while using it to take pictures of my room, I found out the tripod goes twice as tall as I thought. I probably should have read the directions that are still stashed in my closet. I think I assumed that because it was so light weight, it didn't have hidden ways to make it taller. Yeah for surprises and yeah for Tait and Jen.

The view and Betty's well built box.


  1. It would be cold taking pictures while on the ground there. I'm glad you realized the tripod rose up.

  2. I like the purple (?) lights in your room. Very cool!

  3. look at you, mr. decorator! since when did you get your own room?