Friday, April 25, 2008

A little taste of home, a little taste of wine.

Jude as Napoleon (Bonaparte or Dynamite?).

Most people down here work on the town schedule which is 7:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Saturday. We get a one hour lunch, 2 fifteen minute breaks, and a thirty minute stretch break with every department making their own small deviations. From the summer, my shop allows me to roll all my breaks into one big lunch time break which I needed to get my runs in for the marathon. With such a long work week, our one day off per week is precious. Sometimes, we have open mic nights, live music, parties, but last weekend we had a rare event, a wine tasting in our library.

Liz and Wade discussing the finer points of the wine she is serving?

Talie and James.

We had five wines of which I know nothing about, servers, ambiance, people, actual glassware, and yummy snacks as well. As with all events over the winter, they have to be organized by individuals from the community because we no longer have a recreational staff. Lisa organized this event by volunteering her own time and money for the wine. She also recruited a few fabulous volunteers to serve, set-up, break down, and play music.

B-Nelson and Jen played music most of the night.

Liz serving wine.

I believe $8 got you a glass of each of the five wines as well as many munchies as you could consume. You were given a glass and a paper for the servers to mark that you had already sampled their wine. Chocolate covered raised, chocolate covered nuts, breads, cheeses, olives, regular chocolates, and who knows what else were at your palette's disposal.

Our station manager, Don, also worked as a server.

Bodie serving up his wine with a smile.

One of the nicest things about this event was that every one cleaned up for a chance. More often than not, we see everyone dressed up in overalls, carhart's, and some other dirty type of clothes. The only way you'll see someone out of those clothes is if they are at the gym or done for the day.

Genevieve serving up wine to Will

A little carnage

This past weekend, I don't know of any major events that went on. I heard there were a couple small events, but nothing that the entire station was invited to. That was just fine with me. I had an exhausting week and needed to lay low. I played cribbage with friends and then got to bed early which let me get up early and hit reload my Internet web browser every ten minutes to see updates on En Sabah Nur, the University of Pittsburgh men's ultimate team. They were at the regional tournament this weekend. If they placed top two, they'd advance to nationals again!

They were the favored team to win this weekend. Unfortunately, they lost in the semifinals, but worked their way up through the backdoor bracket to get the 2nd spot anyway. They'll be heading out to Boulder, CO on May 20th to compete with sixteen other teams for the national title ( ). I'm really bummed I won't be out there for it and seeing them play this year was one of the big reasons I considered not wintering over.

B-Nelson playing every song he knows.


  1. that looks like a fun gathering right there - very cosy looking place too!

    do you have pictures of the huge penguin colonies? i love penguins you see... :)

  2. Hey Brody!!

    So happy to hear that the library is getting some good use this winter! Gotta admit I'm a little jealous of all the fun being had there, but then again I've still got sunlight. =)