Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ultimate in the Antarctic

A few people don't understand how I've been able to play ultimate down here. It's been tough between low numbers, a bad time, and lack of space to play. However, we've made it work. We usually play 4v4 in the gymnasium and as many as possible outside, which so far has also been 4v4. The biggest problem is that the only time we could really get space is during brunch. Brunch is probably everyone's favorite meal of the week. They get to sleep in. They don't have to work. They can plan it with their friends. Overall, it ends up beating out ultimate a lot.

Indoor ultimate pictures:

I have no idea what is going, maybe a warm-up.

Off the wall is legal so if that knee keeps that disc from hitting the ground, it is a goal.

Members of the Antarctica Ultimate League . . .

Ok, we don't really have a league, but we do have a ton of experience. Elie from NASA played on the University of Maryland B team. Pepe played on Brown's B team. Terri founded the Ohio State women's team, Rob played intramurals and winter rec leagues, Steve is another Nasa guy who thinks we use snooty British rules, and I'm not sure who the last guy is, but he plays barefoot and that counts for something.

Outdoor ultimate.

Pepe can't quite jump high enough in the snow.

You can do all types of things that would normally hurt in the snow!

Pepe lays out for the goal.

Hard D!

Everyone. Pepe, Gretchen who plays pick up in Alaska, Elie, Rob, Terri, Anthony, me, and Steve.

Look at that stack . . . keep looking . . .

Big layout D!! Give this man a bracelet!

I figured the best way to give you an idea of what ultimate was down here was to show videos. It gives you a better idea how we can't move well in the snow and the overall game.


  1. (Now with video goodness!)

    I was never a big fan of the game but enjoyed it when I played it. I suppose if you're stuck at the bottom of the world and need to do something to spend some energy, it's as good as it gets.

    What do you think is harder to play in? Snow or sand?