Sunday, January 13, 2008

More running!!!

Julie, Kate, and Meg get ready for the Scott Hut's race.

Two weekends ago, the base hosted our annual Scott Hut's race. It was a 5 mile race that was half up hill and half down. We'd run .7 miles down to the hut, then 1.8 miles up to the top of the hill on the way to Scott Base, then back down to the hut and finally back to the chapel. A while back someone asked me if I preferred to run to that height slowly over the 1.8 miles or quickly and steeply like the other side of the hill. After having run both, I'll take a long slow ascent to the top that we used for the race instead of a steep one that gets it over with quickly.

Our usual start and finish line at the Snow Chapel.

I'm in red and blue beside one of my fellow running partners, Dave.

I've only run a few races over 800m in my life. When I have, everyone gets sorted out after the first five minutes and I just maintain position. I pretty much don't pass or get passed too much, especially the passing other people part. This race was one of the first times that wasn't the case. I started out in 6th or 7th place and was able to pick everyone off except the eventual winner, Dave Z. It was a long haul to reel in the 2nd and 3rd place guys, but I did it. New feeling and very cool. I think they just ran out of steam. One guy said that he didn't realize that the hill went on for so far. I think he was new to base. Next time, he'll know better and I might not catch him.

Finishing second

Finishing second
1) Dave Z. 32.04
2) Brody 33:49
Women's winner Annie Farris 37:42

So if the race course was measured right, then I averaged under 7 minute miles. That is something I never would have thought I would have done. Yeah for me. However, not too many yeahs. I've been letting up on training quite a bit for the final month before the marathon which is my goal. I'm not sure how I'll do and I might go in under trained. We'll see. I'm really worried about getting sick because two of my roommates are currently quarantined with the flu so I'm doing even less than before so I don't stress my body or immune system. The cargo guys were telling me that is there is still 8 inches of loose snow on the road we are going to be running 16 miles on. That isn't going to be any fun at all after an hour or two.


  1. WOW - you posted a lot since we last came by! We loved seeing your video - humans playing Frisbee in Antarctica, hahahahahahahaha!
    We can't even imagine running a MARATHON down there! Karl's maid ran a marathon - but here in the desert, in the winter, so it was PERFECT for running! We are actually both back home, Karl in Arizona and Ruis in the Netherlands - but once in a while we roam the net together, hahahhahahahaha!
    Stop by our home blogs if you like - the links are at our blog!
    Congratulations to the race and good luck with the marathon!!!
    Karl and Ruis

  2. Should have kicked Dave Z's butt...he could use some kicking! Love the blog!! Good luck with the marathon!

  3. are you running a marathon down there in antartica? that is incredible. my human has just started running and was proud of the fact that she could run 5km in 33.15 - she is now ashamed again!

  4. I do plan on running the McMurdo marathon this coming Sunday in Antarctica. We run across the Ross Ice Shelf. Unfortunately, we are supposed to get 10" of snow over the next couple days which could be pretty miserable to run in. I'm sure the cross country skiers are excited about it though.