Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Turkey Trot photos

Over the weekend, someone put up some more Turkey Trot photos that show the race in all its splendor. Great stuff. I don't know who this person is, but their photos are some of the best I've seen yet.

Milling around before the race in front of the Snow of the Chapels.

The start of the race. I'm behind the green or red coated photographer.

Just a little farther on at the start of the race

Coming down the first big hill. I'm 2nd from the left.

Leaving the transition (from road to ice) and continuing out to the ice runway.

Heading out to the ice run way with the LC-130 Hercules and the Royal Society Mountain Range in the background.

Me. Tired. Running into a head wind and getting more tired.

Annie Farris is a stud. She had already run the race course once that day and probably did 10 miles after it.

Some people got dressed up for the big race including Spiderman, a Kiwi firefighter on station


  1. is running on ice hard? do you wear different shoes?

  2. Bailey,
    Running on ice can be good or bad. If you are running directly on the ice, your feet will be sliding everywhere and you'll end up falling. However, you can wear YakTracks to give you some traction. They are basically tire chains for your shoes. They strap on to the bottom and have wire wrapped about the 'netting' to dig into the ice.

    However, our ice runway road is heavily driven by vehicles so to give them a little traction they try to keep a thin layer of snow covering the ice. This is probably the best running surface we have down here. Too much snow gets soft and you work twice as hard because your feet slip a little and you lost some of your push off. Too little snow is ice which we covered above. The road is so rocky you are likely to twist an ankle. The ice-snow mix is flat and where it is at.


  3. Great job, Brody! What a challenge to put yourself to! And nice job not spraining an ankle...