Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fun with work toys

I've been trying to get a picture filled post up from this past weekend, but the Internet has been so slow that I can't upload any pictures. It's painful. 1,100 people use the same Internet connection that you have connected to your house. Luckily, we'll be tripling our bandwidth to three houses worth this season sometime. Woohoo!!

Instead, we'll talk about new work toys. On Monday, I did something I haven't done in almost three months. Drive a car. Boo to that. It was a V8 pick up truck that I'll be using through out the season if I need to haul a lot of equipment somewhere. I prefer to just call our taxi service. They prefer it too because it gives them more to do. It was weird to be driving again and really weird when my boss told me not to use blinkers. It is a good habit to have and now I'm being told it is an unneeded one.

Finally, the newest and greatest work toy is a text pager I have just been issued. I had no idea they'd have pagers when I came down here and normally pagers suck, but I figured this can be a fun way for you guys to get a hold of me if you want me to call you. I can't guarantee that I'll call you back, but if you are thinking about me I'll know it without the work of a long e-mail and then I'll probably be thinking about you and all you have to do to make it happen is send a e-mail to my pager (you don't do it through cell phones).

Long story made short - just send me a text page me if you want me to call you or just want to say hello. Phone numbers and available times can be very help information for calling you back. We are 6 hours behind east coast time. I sleep from 10pm-6am. If you page me during those times, you'll greatly decrease your chances of a call back. :-)

Two points in the game of Life and maybe a special prize to who ever sends the first page that makes me smile.


Technical details:
E-mail this address:
The message can be a maximum of around 240 letters and numbers long.

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  1. Oh, it's an alpha-numeric pager. I thought it was going to be numeric only. So much for sending you the obligatory "8008135" message. :P