Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today has been a quiet day, but it has also been a day that reminded why I love this type of job even though a lot of people don't understand why I would take it. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a PC tech. I’m the guy who walks around replacing monitors, keyboards, and whatever else might come up. It is a stretch from what I was trained to do, but I make people’s days better when I show up and help them out. I also meet a lot of new people and get to explore the base. Sometimes, I get to hel out friends, who might only need their time zone changed, but it gives us a chance to catch up.

The bulk of my day was taken up by one Steve Miller (not the singer). He was having trouble with his Palm Pilot and our computers. I spent five to six hours with him. Everyone else in my shop made it clear that I shouldn’t be going over the top. I didn’t have anything pressing going on and it was important to him so I kept at it after a lunch break. I got it. I made his day. Instant gratification, lots of people, and lots of different tasks (even if they aren’t all challenging) are what makes this job work for me.

The pictures for today are of my work place which is why I have been talking about work in this post.

My building. We have no running water and consequently no bathrooms. I have to put on my ECW gear and walk about 75yds to the nearest bathroom. It is quite a process.

The ‘foyer’ of my building is actually storage for a fork lift. The smiley face at the base of the steps is where you start your journey up to my office.

With the exception of the forklift, the entire downstairs is food storage for the galley. Kurt, the guy who runs it, is the man. Without him getting food, we don’t eat. Apparently last year they had an issue that people were missing out on A-1 Steak Sauce. They had it, but it was buried in the back where they couldn’t reach it.

My office!!! Allan is my coworker. He reminds me of David's, my brother, computing tendencies. I sit at the desk in the back by the entrance to the office. My back is to the door. Hopefully, no one will sneak up on me and enact who knows what type of revenge. The picture was taken from another small room where our three supers sit.

I’m not sure if these apes refer to us or to the people we work with, but it is some running joke from before I was here.

I’m about to leave work so I don’t have too many parting thoughts. I’ve been running three times since I’ve been here and put in 22 miles. Running on a treadmill isn’t great, but it is growing on me. It might also be the fear of being the guy who ‘frostbit his wang’ on base too. I’ll get out eventually. I have to get ready for the marathon in January. I’m not definitely going to do it, but I am going to have it as a loose goal this summer. If nothing else, it will keep me in shape.

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  1. Heh, David must have relaxed somewhat from before then :-) His desk is still usually a mess, but he tends to keep an eye out for people around him as well.