Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brrr . .

The heat was turned off in our building last night. I don't know if it was planned or by accident, but it is more than a little cold in here this morning and I'm not happy about it. Definitely, no Keens today. I think this might be like one of those days where the house is colder than it is outside. Ugh. Send warmth fast, please.

Last night, the Kiwis (New Zealanders) at Scott Base held American night. Their base of 80 invites the 800 Americans to go over there. Personally, I think that it is just a secret ploy to fund their base. So many Americans run to their store to buy their Kiwi paraphanelia that the line takes well over twenty minutes to get through. I bought nothing, but the store was so small I pretty much had to stand in line to get a look at what they had to sell.

The view from Scott Base. The crunched ice in the middle is how ice pressure is relieved.


  1. What exactly is Kiwi paraphernalia? Did you know that that word actually derives from a bride's property beyond her dowry?

  2. Brody, if you brought your "My boyfriend is out of town shirt" I think I will need you to take a picture of that just after drinking a glass of whine with a kiwi on your head.

    Other than that, remember..penguins can be used as a source of warmth.

    What's the deal with the yoga? Have they ever thought about offering multiple sessions so that certain people don't have to be put into the closet?