Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Base Facts

McMurdo Station (area 1.5 sq. mi. Mean Temp 0F)
Winter: Population 200 High Temp -58F
Summer: Population 1,200 High Temp 50F

Palmer (Mean temp 27F)
Winter: Population 10 Average Temp 14F
Summer: Population 45 Average Temp 36F

South Pole (Elevation 9200 ft., Mean temp -56F)
Winter: Population 75 Average temp -76F Record Low -117F
Summer: Population 225 Average temp -18F Record High 7.5F


  1. Is that English or Metric?

  2. What time zone do they operate on? Since the Meridians are all so close I figure they would just choose one.

  3. Dude, update your blog! And do i change my whiteboard to say "Brody was here" yet?

  4. We use the New Zealand timezone. I believe we use it because they are our main supplier so it makes it easier to coordinate schedules.


  5. Hey Brody, this is WAY more than I thought you would do! Not enough work yet? KIDDING! Great stuff & awesome pictures--almost like being there. ALMOST. Will check back soon & thanks for this blog--right on!