Friday, July 20, 2007

Map of Antarctica

A lot of people have been asking where everything in Antarctica is. Here is a basic map to get you oriented with where Antarctica is compared to the other continents.

This second map (click on it to make it bigger and legible) shows the location of most of the research stations. Palmer (upper left of the map) is unmarked on the West side of the Antarctic Peninsula just North of Fossil Bluff. To reach Palmer Base on the Antarctic Peninsula, the US personnel take a 4 day trip on one of the research vessels from South America.

McMurdo, where I should be stationed, is at the bottom. To reach McMurdo, you take a flight from New Zealand.

Amundsen-Scott (South Pole) is in the middle. To reach there, you take a flight from McMurdo. That is where Heidi Lim who got me interested in this job is currently stationed as a PA.

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