Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Markaska Riviera on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

After I left Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was destined for my first big coastal ride north to Drenik where I could catch the ferry over to Hvar. This was only the second half of my day riding out of Mostar, but it was so amazing it deserved its own post. The area I rode is loosely referred to as the Makarska Riviera.

When deciding to bike Croatia, I had an idea that there would be a coastal road that was flat, like Route 1 in the USA. I was very wrong. There are no hills. There are mountains, big mountains. I was super excited to finally get to the ferry to Hvar, which I hoped was flatter.

This area, while beautiful, will probably be remembered by me for the sight of my first flat tire of the trip at around 3140km. In a manner very unlike me, I didn't get grumpy about it. I had beautiful coast line to look at and was even able to ride my deflating tire to a safe place to change it. I just took care of business and got back on the road. I am not sure what happened to the real Brody, but the fake Brody got to use a CO2 cartridge for the first time to inflate a tire and thought it was pretty cool even though it is a little wasteful.

Beyond the flat tire and mountains, there isn't anything to say. Look and enjoy.

The Croatian side of the Neretva River.

Bacinska lakes.

Bacinska lakes.

What an amazing view.

There is a lot of trust in that single column.

The view of the mainland at sunset from the ferry.

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