Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Prague

Strahov Stadium

After some of the day's games, I would try to join Tait and Jill for some more Prague sight seeing. Some days it worked. Some days it didn't if I was too tired or hurting from laying out poorly.

Old synagogue in Prague.

Another synagogue in Prague.

We explored the Jewish quarter, Old City, the main square, and a couple other areas that are evading me right now. It was nice. As usual, hanging out with different people took me to areas that I would normally not go, which was great. I think they liked the cafes where they could get a cold beer for cheaper than water were their favorites.

Pissing Fountain

Charles Bridge.

Old road up to the castle.

One of the most curious places that we went was the Medievil Torture Museum. It was novel. We were there. It was there. We figured why not. I heard about three museums that I should consider checking out in Prague, the torture one, the sex toy one, and the Barbie one in the castle. I only made it to one out of three though. The others will have to wait for my next visit in . . . .

Tait and I on the Charles Bridge.

Tait's contemplates midievil torture devices.

I contemplate what is wrong with us to create this stuff.

I grabbed this last picture on my way home from Strahov Stadium. The stadium is on the same hill as the castle and has a great overlook of the city. From the city, you get to walk up and unbelievably steep and beautiful park. I was surprised how many people were using. I feel like in the states such a steep park would never be used.

Prague castle.

Prague castle at night. Photo by Tait./>

Prague castle at night. Photo by Tait.

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