Sunday, July 18, 2010

Krimml Falls, Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria

A town on the way to Hohe Tauren National Park.

Krimml Falls.

Our first big stop after Innsbruck was Krimml Falls in the Hohe Tauren National Park in Austria. I was excited because we were getting out of the city and this was also the start of one of the bike paths that I would be using later on (from Salzburg). It was a chance to walk in the woods, which I was missing.

Franz-Josef is everywhere.

Fifth highest?

When we arrived at the overlook of the falls before descending to the hike, there was a lot of signage about what we were looking at. Unfortunately, most of it was in German and my german sucks or is non-existant. I can figure stuff out with the help of a book, but it isn't pretty and it's slow. However, there were a few bits that jumped out at me. The most curious one was the glacier that shared part of its name with New Zealand's Franz-Josef glacier. I guess the Austrians have always been big mountaineers, but I tend to attach New Zealand's history to England and, to a small part, France. I didn't realize the Austrians had been down there enough to earn naming rights. Maybe they explored it first.

Another sign touted the the Krimml Falls as the fifth highest in the world. I cannot confirm this. It was not listed in a fifth tallest or largest when I saw it, but maybe highest refers to altitude.

The bottom part of Krimml Falls.

A view from the top.

Once we finally got off the country roads, we were able to start hiking up to the top. It seemed like most people went to the bottom and left. Some went half way. The only people we saw at the tippy top took a cab there. I have got to tell you, these old countries have done a great job of making themselves accessible, but sometimes it is a big bummer when someone can drive/gondola up what you just spent hours hiking. On the other hand, just like New Zealand's hut system, it allows people to get into the outdoors who would otherwise never get back there. If I really want to go somewhere to be OUT there, I would treat it like Colorado, get to know the area better, and just go farther back.

The hike up was paved the entire way, but also very steep. It made for some tired calves and achy knees. It was a treat though. There were so many great views and places to get misted from the falls to stay cool if it was hot, which it wasn't, but if it was . . .

A lizard or gecko or something that was very, very still on the trail.

My brother, Tait.

It is rare that my brother smiles in a photo. We are going to call this a smile. Next up, World Cup Final in Zell Am See!


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