Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cape Royds helo flight

This post (and my last post) go out to my brothers, Tait and David. They bought me a video camera for Christmas because they were sick of my attempts at time lapses. They even put footage of my dog, Sabah, on the camera for when it reached me in Antarctica which was elating. While I'm not sure the results are any less shaky, there is definitely a lot more in here. Thanks, guys.

Video of the entire flight from Cape Royds to McMurdo along the channel.

  • 0:00 Taking off from Cape Royd
  • 0:30 Mt. Erebus
  • 1:10 Mt. Erebus again
  • 1:38 Seals on the Ice
  • 1:51 Barne Glacier
  • 2:44 Barne Glacier close up
  • 4:45 Cape Evans, Scott's Hut is just above the green Kiwi building
  • 6:05 Iceberg
  • 6:16 Inaccessible Island
  • 6:40 Royal Society Mountains
  • 6:45 Penguins, scared of the helicopter, run for the water
  • 6:55 Tent Island
  • 8:00 The ice edge and my first minke whale sighting somewhere around there
  • 9:05 More scared penguins
  • 9:12 A LOT of penguins, the black stuff in the water should be more penguins
  • 11:03 The mouth of the channel the ice breaker made
  • 13:00 Running penguins
  • 16:30 Observation Hill looming over McMurdo station
  • 17:45 The Odin icebreaker
  • 19:10 Hut Point
  • 19:20 McMurdo Station
  • 19:40 Hut Point again
  • 2o:20 McMurdo Station heliport

Big Razorback Island

The Barne Glacier and the Dellbridge Islands.

The Barne Glacier.

Inaccessible Island and an iceberg.

The ice channel and future ice runway.

The Odin icebreaker creating a channel.

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