Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Station Happenings

Christmas Day, we had the McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery. My favorite piece was a banner for the S.P.O.A that my friend Candy made stickers for this year. Someone sewed together a brilliant flag. I love it. The other great exhibit from the gallery was a room with a pinhole in the wall. It acted like a camera from outside, but it took a while for your eyes to adjust to figure it out.

Short People of Antarctica banner.

On our day off for New Years (note, not actually on New Years), we had IceStock. We had a main stage all day long and then an acoustic and electric stage at night. We have so many talented musicians down here. It is amazing and was a great day off. For the first time in many years, Icestock had great weather. Some people even got sunburns. I even got to throw a disc around for a while. It was a treat. I overuse that word these days. I blame Lindsay for making me like it so much.

Icestock main stage with Ob Hill in the background.

The MJB jazz band.

Throwing the disc!

Kish, once again, is the front man for Level 5.

Our full day of musical goodness.

Robot-ninja shenanigans!

Our headliner, Porn Spill, jams out your favorite funk.

Just this past weekend, we had our annual rugby game. Our guys train most of the season for the event. However, with people regularly missing practices to head to the field or for just the normal comings and goings of life, it is pretty tough. In the last weeks, they are still explaining the rules. One of these day, we'll win the game. We are getting closer and closer, even though we have never scored a point yet. This year, we were about 3 inches of a crossbar from scoring our first points. The guys played great defense most of the game. They usually do. I think that is similar enough to football (go, tackle) that we do alright with that part.

A Kiwi player gets ready to pass the ball.

Final score 23-0. Mt. Erebus in the background.

The Kiwi player, Chance, gets tackled.

Our closest chance of scoring smacks off the uprights.

Tony is tackled and the ball pops loose.

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