Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Birthday goodness

The view from my birthday dinner.

This Thanksgiving, I turned 32 years old. I think that was almost two weeks ago, but I still wanted to mention it because my friends down here were outstanding. Bad weather kept my roommate from heading out to a deep field camp which was a bummer for her, but a treat for me. She took my birthday dinner ball and ran with it by rounding up a lot of people and good food on short notice for my Hut 10 party.

We dined on fresh pesto pasta (Thank you, Linda!), amazing pesto based salad pizza, Italian sodas, yummy cheeses, and probably most importantly ICE CREAM CAKE! We don't have real ice cream down here and that is a bummer, but Michael ordered an ice cream maker bowl and then made ice cream from scratch to make a brownie and ice cream layered cake. Such a treat! Throw in all the fun cards and messages from home and it was just about the perfect night. Thanks!

Another view from my birthday dinner.


  1. i can't believe i forgot your birthday. so sorry! note to self: put birthday reminder on google calendar.

    glad it was a good one! happy belated birthday, brody.