Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Avalanche Peak in Arthur's Pass National Park

Waimakariri River Valley

After far too many days milling about in Christchurch, Eddie (delayed on his way to the Ice) suggested we head up to Arthur's Pass National Park for a hike. This sounded perfect because Brian and I were hoping to start a multi day hike from there anyway. Rachel, Brian, Eddie, and I piled into a rented car and headed up there. After a quick stop at the DOC office, Brian and I decided to skip our multi day hike on Harper's Pass. The rivers were up and rain was coming. Between the numerous river crossings getting our bottom halves wet and the rain getting our top halves wet, we were, as a whole, uninterested.

B-Nelson and Eddie take a break on our way up Avalanche Peak.

B-Nelson and Eddie coming up the steep slope.

I don't think I've ever been on a steeper trail in my life that the one up to Avalance Peak. It is no wonder Kiwis are so fit if they build all their day hike trails like the ones up Avalanche Peak. I wish I knew the distance of the trail. The total climb was 1096 meters, but if that was over twenty kilometers that isn't such a big deal. It wasn't though and it was a big deal. At some places, I don't think a ladder could have made the trail any steeper. We took a lot of breaks on our afternoon climb up the to the summit at 1833 meters and were rewarded with great views up and down the river valley. As the day progressed, some clouds rolled in, but it was still wonderful. I can't wait to get back up to that area again. That hike was incredibly rewarding for the amount of time put in.

B-Nelson and Rachel on their way up Avalanche Peak.

Eddie on the summit of Avalanche Peak.

A kea (mountain parrot).

The summit saddle to Avalanche Peak.

Great panoramic views.

Even more great views.

B-Nelson and me at the summit with the Crow Glacier in the background.

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  1. What a great workout! :-) I expect killer abs, calves and hamstrings upon your return...so I can be so jealous. lol My 24-hour fitness membership is going to waste...

    Oh, the Kea is very pretty! How interesting ... a dull-colored parrot, different than the bright colored ones I'm used to seeing on TV. :-)