Monday, November 10, 2008

Random stuff

I forgot one essential part of my Banks Peninsula Walk. I was applying Icy Hot patches to my groin to help with the muscle strain. The active ingredients spread around a little bit. Icy Hot definitely heated everything up. It reminded me of my first year coaching when Fraggle got a freshman, Rob Dulabon, to play Icy Hot on his scrotum for the last little bit of a Wendy's Frosty. It wasn't pretty then. It isn't pretty now.

I have a couple weird habits that are carrying over from the Ice. I always go to the bathroom when I have the option offered even if I have just gone recently. I didn't used to do this. I think it is because I didn't have a bathroom in my building all year and it was a pain to get up from work to go take care of business, especially during winter. My second carry over is body posture. I tend to keep my hands in my pockets now. In Antarctica, I did that just to keep my hands warm. Now, I just do it out of habit. I'm trying to break it because I think it conveys insecurity, but no luck yet. I'm half way there.

I don't like moving around so much. Between each of my hikes I'm taking 2-3 days to rest up or get to the next hike. It is wearing my patience thin. I'd like to stay in one place a little more, but I also want to take in everything this country has to offer in my short time here.

Along the lines of staying put, I'll be spending a lot more time in Christchurch. Once a week, I'll be practicing with the Canterbury (the region that Christchurch is in) ultimate frisbee team. I'll be playing with them in New Zealand Nationals on December 13th-14th in Christchurch. I believe they are the defending champions. I completely lucked into this. After my Abel Tasman hike, I wanted to try playing ultimate so I googled up the local scene. I found a pickup in the park and headed over to play barefoot since my cleats are in the States. After that appearance and a few other appearances, they asked if I'd be around to play on one of their teams at nationals. I accepted. It should be fun. I'll try to squeeze in a few hikes between practices.


  1. What happened to getting back to work? Did you end up resigning?

  2. My real decision was Colorado or travel, not work or travel. I decided I can stay in NZ for a couple months, play in their National tournament for ultimate frisbee (how I got an invite, I still don't know), and still get back to CO to get what I need. A little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B.

  3. Congrats on getting the ULTIMATE invitation to the Kiwi team! Woot woot! Good luck, buddy! :-)

    Oh yeah, no rush getting back to the COLD temps in Colorado. :-) Enjoy your "summer vacation" in Kiwi country.