Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hiking again.

On the trail to Castle Rock.

I haven't been posting as many pictures recently. I haven't been out hiking as much. I also haven't been taking as many pictures. I wouldn't say I'm quite over it, but familiarity does breed contempt and I have been looking at the same scenery for a year now. However, that attitude seems to stay in town. When I do get out, I'm quickly reminded of how beautiful this place is.

Linda overlooking the Ross Sea from Castle Rock.

One of my favorite things now is to go out with a FNG for a hike. They eat up anything about this place. It is the same energy and enthusiasm that I used to have. It is refreshing to see and it sparks something inside of me. Again, I'm not over Antarctica, but when I'm so tired it can be tough.

Sunset from Hut Point.

Later this week, I'm getting to head out to Cape Evans to put in the flags for the route. I haven't truly been out of town since February. This trip is kind of a coincidence because my last boondoggle in the summer was deflagging the Cape Evans route. It should be a good trip. I'm really looking forward to it. This might be just what I need to put some pep back in my step. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to keep getting more sleep.



  1. Bring on the chai my friend! See you in a week(ish)!

  2. maybe you need to sit in a lounge chair on a beach with the sun beating down on you. Just a thought. Or maybe the winter of Mass. might be the ticket

  3. Hi "You".
    love your photos.
    thank you for the note - it has arrived.
    how can i write you back?
    fall is arriving here. ;)
    thinking of you.
    big hugs.

  4. Katie,
    You can't write me anymore except on email or here. I'm leaving the contient today!!!!!