Saturday, August 30, 2008

This One's for Jay

Moose tosses a shoe at the monthly horseshoes tournament.

Once a month over the winter, we get a two day weekend. That means extra sleep, harder partying, and a double elimination horseshoes tournament. The tournament takes place in the Vehicle Maintenance Facility. They clear out a couple bays, board up the vehicles left behind (see the above picture), and then put in the horseshoe pits. Everyone is randomly assigned their partner when they show up.

It takes focus and determination to win when you've been drinking all day.

The tournament starts around noon and runs until it is done. Because there are only two pits and sixteen teams, there is a lot of downtime between rounds. Between games, you just eat, hang out, and heckle when the opportunity arises. They provide drinks, chips, chilies, and even light up the grill for dinner because the tournament can run so late. I'm terrible at horseshoes, but my teammate, Will, and I managed to win one game before losing two in a row to bow out. It was definitely a good time though.

I don't know many people my age who are good at horseshoes. It seems to be an earlier generation's game. The older guys at the tournament definitely seem to be better. That might just be years of playing down here, but I think it’s a little more than that. Any thoughts on that from playing back home, Jay?

Spending another weekend in style.


  1. hmmm horseshoes...ok, i'll have to add this to my bucket list. :-)

  2. so you're saying that you are as good at horseshoes as you are at whacky balls? You left that part out. And if horseshoes is an 'older' generation thing, one would think you'd excel at it, old man...