Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Example of Not Thinking

I thought it would be fun to put up some e-mails that I received last week to illustrate the point that we can't think and continue to make fun of it. The best part is that we still manage to understand what each other means even when the wrong words come out - though I have to admit this e-mails took a couple readings.

From: R in response to this.
That was lovely. Loved the pics. In fact I was easily distracted by them and kept forgetting to read everything else. It is crazy how many times I chuckle in agreement or sit here shaking my head yes because it all makes so much sense. I immediately start thinking of my own instances and then realize I have stopped reading again which makes me is another good example of getting off is a visicous cycle. Have you also changed at all how you write because the spelling of a word just doesn't come to you? Like just now with visicous....I know that is spelled wrong but I am obviously so far from it that the spell check cannot even figure out what I am trying to say. Normally I would just change completely what I am saying but you get my point, right? Maybe it is too far off for even you to understand what I am trying to say but the word means something like mean.
Ok I just read this and I don't know that it will make sense to you, but oh well. I could delete it all and just write That was lovely, but no one will know that this just took me 10 minutes to write this. No joke. Maybe this is, at least for me, another good point to bring up when e-mailing. How are we supposed to get good information and an informative e-mail out when it takes 10 minutes just to realize you wrote about nothing.
I should stop now....

From: R
I have dedcided to not delete anything that I write but instead go back and put it in red, unless it is for business. I really wonder how much time I am spending deleting things because of misspellingas or just becuase the thought went nowhere. It is my new study and challenge to you all. Maybe this is more my downfall than others but I find myself trying to write something, sometimes three or four times. Of course now I seem to be doing it quite eloquently, but yea. You should all do this to your friends and everyone. Perfect example...I would have erased that whole last sentence. I plan to do it to all my e-mails so people can see how often I either change my mind or just spell stuff wrong. Maybe then I can visualize why it takes so long to put things oin papere-mail. Ok this could be a bad idea. To go bak and highlight takes MUCH longer in fact this is a stupid e-mail.
Alright I am not erasing it (please imagine the whole paragraph above in red)....instead I will send it onto you all but please don't be scared. I swear I am not as mentally crazy as I may appear. Kinda like the mirror...Objects are closer than they appear. Although maybe it should be the other way around...People here (aka me) are crazier than they appear. This is almost creppy creepy because although I am telling you all nothing, at the same time I feel like I am opening you all to my mind sharing too much.
Please do not respond back. I feel I might try to respond sanely (I KNOW, that is a relative term) back and then another masterpiece from [R] herself might end up in all of your Inboxes.
Make it all stop...
I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know who it is...its me the psycho chick

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  1. i have those random thoughts that eventually lead to another thought that leads to ingenius thoughts all the time. if only i had taken the time to even write about all those thoughts...