Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bar Triathlon

Bringing your A game after a few drinks may be difficult.

The week of the 4th of July was really cold. I was looking to spend my day curled up in bed with a couple hot cups of Oregon Chai, a book, and maybe a couple movies. However, as I was exiting brunch around 1pm, Dave P. stopped me to ask how I was at darts and pool. I said medium and he said I was in. He needed a partner for the bar games triathlon.

Alex and Bob play shuffleboard while Dan and Tim square off against Jim and Jeremy in darts.

The bar games triathlon was a twelve team double elimination bracket tournament. You and your partner would pair off against another team in a best of three series of 8-ball pool, shuffleboard, and 301 darts. Dave and I had a first round bye. I'm not sure when we finally got started, but we edged out Bec and Mike in darts to start the round. Then, we got waxed in pool, but made the game take forever with some great defense. Finally, we pulled out the win in shuffleboard. At this point, it was almost 5pm. We had only played one round and had two or three to go. It wasn't looking like a short afternoon.

Hosts with the most.

Luckily, the tournament coincided with Shandra and Lisa's Happy Hour. Around 5pm, they set up and brought back some energy to the event. I don't know about others, but I was definitely running low because I didn't expect there to be so much down time.

Alex and Eric take on Louie and Ogre in darts.

Shuffle board and pool in the back.

For our second round, we went up against Jim and Jeremy. I think they beat us in two rounds at darts and pool. For the next round, Dave and I were just as motivated to win as we were to lose. We had simply been there too long, but I didn't like the idea of quitting. Unfortunately, our opponents, Gerry and Andy, felt the same way. We took them in darts. They rallied in shuffleboard. Then, we missed an 8 ball shot in pool that left them set up for the win. They moved on. We finished in fifth. We went home and that was just fine with me. I think they kept playing until 9pm while I watched the Goonies. On the Goonies DVD, Cyndi Lauper has an amazing music video that has WWF stars of old. Brilliant!

Me, Karen, and Ogre.

Yesterday, the low was -40.1F over by Scott Base. Eek! With wind chill it was, -80. Eek, eek!

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  1. Hey Brody - we hit -98.7F last night and were hoping for a 300 club run but alas it warmed it's only -81F with a windchill of -121F!