Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who we are by the numbers

At a recent all hands meeting, there was a demographic break down of who the men and women of McMurdo this winter are.
34 Women
91 Men

41 Live in Dorm 155, 43 Live in Dorm 208, 41 Live in Dorm 209

39.13 Average age for Women
39.87 Average age for Men
39.68 Total Average

We are from three Countries:
New Zealand

Americans are from 32 Different States
26 From Colorado
9 From California
7 From Alaska

Of the 34 Women, 31 different names are represented:
2 Angela
2 Elizabeth
2 Lisa

Of the 91 Men, 61 different names are represented:
7 William
5 David
4 Robert

In February, we recieved 16,500 condoms as reported at MSNBC.
This last one is for Betty who was really concerned about the number of single people available at the beginning of winter. These are based on best guesses and limited knowledge of people:
Sex, Single then (Single now)
Men, 58 (44)
Women, 23 (10)

Step 1 to using up those condoms.

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  1. If my math is correct...that's enough condoms for every male down there at this very moment to have sex 176 times each....or if those condoms last till main body, that's enough condoms for every person (man or woman) to have 13 condoms a piece...that's a lot of sex the NSF is planning for...