Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Swimming with the fishes

Dave W. swims with the fishes.

In my polar plunge post, I mentioned that some people had great pictures taken with fish near their heads. The video above doesn't show that, but it does show the fish in the hole. Pretty cool.

Quick aside. Apparently, the fish they actually bring in for research in the summer aren't cautious. They haven't been naturally selected for that trait and consequently, they are easy as can be to catch.

Raja hesitates, hesitates, and hesitates some more.

This is one of my favorite clips. Raja has already plunged twice and each time she hesitates. It's wonderful. It's Raja.

My plunge shows just how much on autopilot I was. I just kept telling myself get in fast, get out fast, get to the hottub. I completely forgot about the harness.

My plunge!

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